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DMCA Reporting

The DMCA statement in accordance with the written policies found on, We support / adhere to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (DMCA). Summaries of the act can be found at or directly linked to

Upon notification of the violation, will take the necessary actions to remove / delete the material / links suspected of being the subject of an activity that violates the rights.

If you wish to submit a notice of infringement against materials found through our services, you must send an e-mail with the instructions specified below. Please note that you will be held liable for damages if you initiate an activity or material that infringes your copyright. If you are unsure, by all means, please contact an attorney / attorney to justify your protection under copyright law.

To write a proper DMCA Notice, state the following information:

Describe and identify in detail the copyrighted work that you believe has been infringed. these include the artist and / or the title of the song, the location of the link on our site. Please include a way to the owner to contact you in response. these must include: Name, telephone number, postal address, e-mail address, company name / publisher name. If this information is not provided, your letter will be ignored. Please write in your letter that you fully understand ToS (the Terms of Service) and that the use of copyrighted materials found on the pages of this site is not authorized or supported by the owner of If this information is not provided, your letter will be ignored. Sign the document with your legal name. Please note that when signing this document, you take all actions and claim that you are the owner of the copyrighted piece that is being infringed. Thank you for your understanding